There are lots of Sudoku games available - this is yet another...

Before starting a game, you can set three options:

  • Training mode allows FreeSudoku to give you hints.
  • Symmetric games are mirror-symmetrical - this looks pretty, but is otherwise irrelevant
  • Consistency checking helps prevents silly mistakes, like entering impossible numbers. Some regard this as cheating...

All options are off by default.

There are five difficulty levels. These are based on the complexity of the strategies required to solve the puzzle.

The numbered buttons highlight all existing entries of a particular digit. Click the same digit again to remove the highlighting.

If your system and browser allow it, you should be able to start Free Sudoku in either of the following two ways:


FreeSudoku is a GPL-licensed program whose home was once Unfortunately, the project was apparently abandoned. After making a number of improvements to the code, I have forked it into my Java Projects repository